League of Legends Character Concept

These three characters were concepts based off League of Legends that I did for class.


Dhama The Balanced Force.

These two spirits of pure dark and light emerged from the powerful collision of Karma and Syndra's ultimate attacks. These two prevented the fight from escalating by neutralizing both champions. They do not take sides, choosing to let nature go its way, but only coming to action when one side becomes too powerful. 

Alfina The Voice of the Storm

Janna and her orphan sister Alfina both wandered the chaotic streets of Zaun, surviving with their wits. Alfina always captivated Janna with her beautiful voice, with a dream of one day being a singer. But when Janna learned the magic of air, the gap between them grew until Alfina was left behind. 

One day during a fierce battle on the Fields of Justice, Janna had casted a powerful monsoon that blew the Noxian enemies away, but with a sound of a boom of thunder, a giant gust of tremendous force sweeped the monsoon into the air. Janna looked around in shock, not seeing this type of air magic ever before. With a giant roar, “JANNA!”, a dark figure rode into the fields on a gust of air, landing right in front of a stunned Janna.

Cezzaro the Barren Conqueror

Cezzaro was a powerful pre-League conquistador where modern day Bilgewater would be located. He had conquered much of the unknown world, but was cursed when he happened upon an ancient group of isles. The isles took his humanity and left his soul to wander the earth as a vengeful spirit. 


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  2. I love Cezzaro <3

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  4. Hi Samuel,
    First i wanna say that you championconcepts are very good
    (and Kindret is nothing agianst Dhama)
    and i want to ask you: How do you aint the splash arts? Sometimes i draw at the pc but its not so good like yours is ther a little secret ?

    have a nice day ^^

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