Monday, August 24, 2015

DBMIER Light Box


DBMIER gave me this lightbox for free so I'm reviewing it here! (Thank you)

This thing is friking awesome lol. But my dad has more us for it than me so hes gonna use it. 
Did a drawing of Billy for an example. Here ya go. Get it if you're interested.

Clean, light and simple. There is no more need for those large, bulky light boxes anymore. You can carry around this box like a sketchbook and pull it out whenever you feel like drawing. The highest light setting is almost blindingly strong but in a good way, because you can make some seriously accurate lines with this thing. 
I’m strictly a digital artist, so I prefer working on my tablet, but when I got this thing it reminded me of the good old days when I drew by hand. Drew for probably 2 hours on this thing and it didn’t even heat up that much. I’d say if you want to make some good quality illustrations or animate, you should pick this up.
One thing that held me back is the length of the extension cord, but honestly it isn’t much of an issue. 
Overall this is a great product, very versatile, and a must have for artists and hobbyists. 

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